Lightopia Festival embodies the message of togetherness, bringing the message of love, family and hope. We want to share our illuminating experience with everyone and can do this through our connection with local and national charities. 

We align with partners who share our values, and service our local communities, supporting them through fundraising activities throughout the year (Charities’ not just for Christmas!)

Please read on to find out more about our charity partners, who work tirelessly to improve lives in Manchester, London and Brussels. If you are interested in their causes then find out more, and if you are able to then please donate, they need you now more than ever. 

If you are a charity looking for support please reach out to us on, we are happy to help!



We Love Manchester

An internationally iconic city brand and trusted voice adopted by Manchester people, championing community, charity and a better future for the city. Inspiring community-led cleanups, the “I Love Manchester” campaign was a movement that positively resonated with residents and visitors alike. The charity continues to give back to the city and we are proud to work with them to make Lightopia accessible to all in Manchester! 




Situated in South East London, Crystal Palace Park is a welcoming place for all. Once the winter festivities are over Crystal Palace Park is a place for learning and training, health and well-being, recreation and enjoyment, activities and events. Or you can just bring a book and find a quiet spot. If you’d like to learn more about the charity, or to donate then please follow the link to their website.



Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Until there is a world without cancer ,Kom op tegan kanker fight and mitigate the disease and advocate for better cancer policies. In order to do thi they mobilise as many people as possible to work against cancer: as a care volunteer, as an activist or as a donor. To continue their work they need funding from the public, and thats where we come in. If you visit Lightopia please consider donating an extra Euro or two and join the fight against cancer today! 


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